Custom sewing

Custom sewing Waterproof

We can do much more than Quilted Blanket material covers! – Besides covers made out of moving blankets we can help you with all other custom sewing solutions.
Our team has many years of service and experience in this industry. This allows us to provide a superior product in a reasonable amount of time while still providing a personalized service to our customers. We want to know what you need so that we can make it happen!
Design Prototype – By working with you and discussing how your product will be used, we can determine the best materials for your product. We can work from your designs, patterns and products to develop a sample that meets your specifications in a cost-effective manner.
Quoting – Each product goes through a time-study process to determine how much time it will take to produce the product. All aspects of manufacturing are taken into consideration including materials, degree of expertise needed, type of machines needed, the amount of time needed to produce and how many units are needed. Our quotes are valid for 90 days.
Sewing and Assembly of Product – Our experienced sewing team has established an efficient production process to expedite the manufacturing of each


Custom made products and services we offer

Custom made Gym rings, Firemen suit, and stretches

We offer several other products and services:

  •  Protective foam insulation covers and jackets.
  •  Made in the USA Berry Compliant products
  •  Protective filter liners
  •  Flame retardant products
  •  Reflective materials
  • Duffle Bags with Screen Printing. Unlimited silk screening capabilities on all types of materials.
  • Protective Covers. We manufacture an assortment of covers to protect safety cages, grill covers, machine covers, just about anything you can think of to cover a product.
  • Assorted Pouches.   Belt pouches, light pouches, Glove pouches, we offer an assortment ideas and capabilities to meet your needs.
  • Safety Straps, Waist Straps, Assorted Straps to carry an assortment of items made from Light to Heavy weight Polyester or Nylon webbing in an assortment of width’s.
  • Embroidery Capabilities. Embroidery services available in multiple colors.
  • Insulated Carry Cases . An assortment of insulated cases and bags for protecting products that are hot or cold sensitive.
  • Military Supply Cases. Military products for carrying or hanging made to military specifications.


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So you need to product your valuables? No matter the shape, size, or dimensions, “We Got You Covered!”

This video covers all the necessities for making your own custom furniture cover. Only you know what you truly need it, so we’ll leave it up to you! Here is our how-to painlessly and easily customize our moving blankets into furniture pads, storage pads, or just different sized moving blankets. We demonstrate specifically how to use them for a photo booth!